The Weekly Buzz – 24/05/2021

Alongside a few others, DNO Records are just one of those labels I’ve regrettably overlooked over the last twelve months. I recognised my failings upon the release of Clearlight & Owl‘s ‘Red Clouds‘ EP last month and in fact, I’ve become quietly obsessed with the boundary-pushing label ever since. So with it’s latest instalment upon us, I suppose you could consider myself as a fully paid up DNO fan boy, patiently waiting for what the label can discover and curate next! And that next instalment arrives this week in the form of an electrifying collaboration between Denver audio witches, Trisicloplox and Sectra. No strangers to each other, the pair have collided before and conjured up some of the most mind-altering tunes, horrifying in all the right ways. Their latest creation, ‘Souls Were Never Here‘ EP, evokes a similar gut wrenching response with the pair demonstrating their comfort within chaos.

Upon the arrival of ‘Alp‘, the record’s sole collaboration between Trisicloplox and Sectra, a persistent and unsettling tension penetrates from the onset. ‘Alp’ is a progressive runaway-train, chugging towards a city of nuclear destruction at half-time measures. With dense, brooding bass pulsating at it’s core, the closer we get to the poisoned metropolis, the more the granular noise and biting distortion sets in, reminding us of the dystopian mindset that Triscloplox and Sectra produces from. With the duo setting foot on scorched land, Triscloplox deviates for a couple of solo excursions. ‘Duum‘ stoically sits in the bowels of organised chaos that the Denver based producer so frequently relishes in. A turbulent march towards hazardous precincts torn apart by turmoil, heavy-footed kicks stomp over swelling subs, grating metallic textures from melody to percussion accommodates the deserted space. However, as menacing as it seems, ‘Duum‘ is a mere appetiser once we reach the mutated sounds of ‘Changed Flesh’, where Trisicloplox eventually takes the ‘organised’ out of organised chaos. A merciless collision of sub-rattling low end, tearing through the industrial wasteland, illustrated by aggressive sound design and haunting screams. The city skyline continues to perish. To round off the heavy-set B-side, Sectra leaves the scene with ‘I Was Never Here‘, escaping the damned city with rough advancing basslines depicting haste and panic. The SFX remain abrasive and the background screeches prove ominous. Sectra stomps through the wreckage of broken windows, destroyed homes and flaming cars to avoid any further devastation. For those opting for a digital copy, Trisicloplox leaves a parting gift with the digital exclusive ‘Siphon Soul’. Ironically, after all of the delicious carnage experienced beforehand, this moody midnight roller may become my favourite.

With both producers already pushing the boundaries individually, Trisicloplox and Sectra continue to lead an experimental movement within bass music through gripping noise and disorientating arrangements. ‘Souls Were Never Here‘ EP sees the Denver duo produce a pinnacle piece in this fascinating sphere of techno, dubstep and hip-hop enveloped in pure anarchy. Like much of DNO’s growing catalogue, DNO006 offers an experience like no other in bass music and beyond. A creation of a world we love to listen to, to visit in fantasy, but wouldn’t wish our worst enemy to reside.

‘Souls Were Never Here’ EP is out 28/05/2021 and available on vinyl and t download from the DNO Records Bandcamp.

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Check out DNO Records on Soundcloud and Instagram.