The Weekly Buzz – 28/03/2022 [HNYBSS Premiere]

The underrated Bassin Records returns this week with fellow Belgian friend 7Kidz presenting his second release on the label, ‘Disorder‘ EP! The release follows Gulivr‘s awesome ‘Generation‘ EP, which really put Bassin Records on the map as the label continues to grow in stature. Speaking of growing in stature, these three brand new tracks from 7Kidz are some of his beefiest to date, especially when it comes to today’s premiere, ‘Poison Drinker‘.

Like Will Smith at the Oscars, Bassin11 begins with a solid slap to the face thanks to a rework of one of 7Kidz‘s go to tracks ‘Alzheimer‘. Like much of the EP, ‘Alzheimer VIP‘ sees 7Kidz packing more meat onto the bones; allowing dizzying sub pulses to dominate and a distinctly familiar pattern of sharp and slick percussive work to break through – one of 7Kidz‘s most impressive qualities! Today’s premiere ‘Poison Drinker‘, further demonstrates the Belgian’s new steroid-fed sound as an increasingly active warbling bassline rumbles in a stark and haunted space, whilst vivid eerie arpeggios float through like a fidgeting specter. There’s a certain clean sound that 7Kidz manages to achieve in his productions and even though there’s a clear focus on the sub-weight on this release, there’s also a clear intention to add more variety which particularly becomes apparent throughout ‘Ganja Dawg‘. 7Kidz looks to the brighter side for this final track, reaching for dub-wise sounds that will leave you yearning for a hazy summer evening. Classic chord stabs and a low end section designed to shake a towering sound system makes up the body of the track but remember, when it comes to 7Kidz‘s percussion, it’s all in the details!

The bass driven talent in Belgium continues to thrive. Alongside Basskruit to Black Teeth Records, Bassin Records are flying the red, yellow and black just as high, to the point that it’s simply impossible to avoid if you’re an avid 140 head. From the roots, new names still emerge. We’ve seen it from the likes of Substrada, Beatsforbeaches and Datra, and if Bassin Records continue to push and cultivate the likes of Gulivr and 7Kidz, then we know who we can expect to hit the highest heights of the Belgian and 140 scene very soon!

Disorder‘ EP is out 01/02/2022 and will be available from the Bassin Records Bandcamp.

Check out 7Kidz on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Bassin Records on Soundcloud and Instagram.