The Weekly Buzz – 29/11/2021

Dalek One continues to make some serious noise in this latter part of the year! The ever popular Denver based producer has been on quite the tirade over recent months with appearances on DUPLOC and Wheel & Deal, plus the highest quality self-released material you’ll find on Bandcamp. And so he continues his rampage on another high-level label this week, Silent Motion Records, with the intimidating sounds of ‘Mask & Glock‘ EP.
Mask & Glock‘ EP is a five track extension to Dalek One‘s distinct and destructive sound. But not only are we treated to a selection of four violent weapons, in a partnership I never saw coming, the gifted Pharma joins in for a collaboration of epic proportions!

The leading title-track ‘Mask & Glock‘, is a visceral reminder of the breadth of sound I’ve opened myself up to over recent years. It’s on the heavier end of Dalek One‘s arsenal and one that I’d quite frankly squirm at in the past. But there’s something so powerful and so attractive about the way Dalek One hammers in those drums and fires those bullets of blistering bass that you just can’t help engage that screw face and snap your neck to it repeatedly! The following ‘Mind Of A Criminal‘, deals in an unusual case when it comes to Dalek One‘s antics. Rather than the skull splitting drum chops and eye watering bass textures doing the damage, this one carries an infectious groove in a stripped back capacity, developed by natural percussive patterns and a deliciously distinct airlock-eqsue hook that follows in unison. ‘Red Dots‘ bulldozers it’s way onto the track list like the big bullying brother of the EP’s opener. The abusive drums and aggressive bass injections remain, but the amount of distortion and volume on those dominating synths devours you like the monster it is. The fascinating collaborative track ‘Blood‘, demonstrates the true meaning of a collaboration where both of the producers’ differing sounds collide to create something special. Pharma‘s signature is all over it, from the gnarly syncopation to the jittering arpeggios, but it’s the Dalek One‘s power that really hoists it above the dungeon’s ceiling. As the brazenly titled ‘Big Bad Bass‘ suggests, a calmer pre-order bonus track certainly isn’t on the cards here. A full on bass workout punctuated by energising breaks, this one is designed to make you want to get stuck into the chaos of the EP immediately!

As previously mentioned, two more of Dalek One‘s heavyweight EPs have added more than a few tonnes to the catalogue in quick succession, but this third release in as many months stands at the helm. Not only do the tracks offer more than enough diversity, especially with the inclusion of ‘Mind Of A Criminal‘, it’s that collaboration that sets it apart from the rest. A combination I never saw coming and one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Mask & Glock‘ EP is out 03/12/2021 and available to download from the Silent Motion Records Bandcamp.

Check out Dalek One on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Silent Motion Records on Soundcloud and Instagram.