The Weekly Buzz – 31/01/2022 [HNYBSS Premiere]

Out of all the new names that have become a mainstay in my rotation over the last couple of years, Substrada is one that continues to impress on a regular basis. After enjoying releases on Basskruit, Dread Or Dead and most recently Infernal Sounds in 2021, the Dutch breakthrough kicks off his new year with a long awaited return to the always killer and like-minded dons, Locus Sound. It’s not only exciting to see a producer return to the Bristol based imprint for the first time, but also to see ‘Brocky‘ – one of the hottest dubs of 2021 – given a leading role on a record. However it does come packaged with three other heaters and today I have the pleasure of presenting the scorching remix of ‘Brocky‘ by fellow Dutch whizz, Schim!

Since I first hit play on ‘Brocky’, I don’t think a week has gone by where I’ve wondered when and where we’ll see this outstanding track come to light, and it comes as no surprise to see the Locus Sound crew finally picking it up – a cutting-edge track featuring on one of the most active and respected labels in scene right now. Everything we’ve come to enjoy about Substrada‘s production capabilities are on display here; super smooth yet super punchy bass design that switches on it’s head, plus the incredibly distinct sampling and sharp percussive FX breaking through the murky backdrop. The constant illuminating fizz is a particular highlight which is cleverly retained by Schim for his groovy remix. The busy breaks exemplify Schim‘s well documented percussive strengths, whilst the multifaceted producer also reworks those rumbling lows to his very own uncanny taste. Believe it or not, the second part to this four tracker doesn’t even attempt to fall into the pool of forgettable b-sides. It’s off with the boonie hat and on with the devil horns for ‘Demonic Tutor‘, which focuses on a range of heavily synthesised slides, grinding against stuttered drums, but even Substrada manages to shoehorn in an invigorating breakbeat or two! Even after that demonic excursion, ‘Morphic Pool‘ takes the role as the most volatile of the four, armed with big ol’ 808 kicks and a slapping snare, providing the framework for such a highly charged finale tune, full of electrifying textures and coarse sound-design.

From his 2018 Locus Sound debut to today’s ‘Brocky‘ EP, Substrada‘s creative growth is abundantly clear as he continues to prove why he’s one of the most interesting producers in the genre right now. Whether it’s the haunted grooves of ‘Brocky‘ or the grittier ‘Demonic Tutor‘, he keeps his finger on the pulse of what sounds fresh in 2022, which also happens to be a central trait of the formidable Locus Sound.

Brocky‘ EP is out 04/02/2022 and available to download via the Locus Sound Bandcamp.

Editors Note: This isn’t the only Schim remix we’ve been able to present in recent months. Check out his take on Crowley‘s ‘Quill’ back in September courtesy of Basskruit!

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