The Weekly Buzz: Chad Dubz & Kursa – Strains EP (FAV022)

Two of the UK’s most notable underground bass connoisseurs collide on Foundation Audio this week, featuring the experimental mind of Kursa alongside Chad Dubz‘s dubstep fundamentals. ‘Strains‘ EP offers four energetic tracks where both producers bring their best and push through the boundaries of the genre.

The diverse yet distinct styles of label head honcho Chad Dubz should be familiar to the seasoned dubstep listener by now, they’re the sort of sounds that form the back bone to this record, but it’s Kursa‘s mutating fingerprints that remain so evident throughout this release. The record kicks off with the initially shiny ‘Piercing Gold‘, which opens under a veil of shimmering chimes alongside grimey Kursa-flavoured percussion until cinematic synths drop into absolute Chad Dubz-esque dirt. In an instant, the EP’s most forceful piece comes into full screw-face vision; a powerful display of reese infested bass dominates the staggered breaks with 24kt chimes still piercing through like a diamond in the rough. It’s a proper statement track and my personal favourite. Two become three on the following ‘How Does It Work‘, with Reso flexing his abilities throughout an equally potent genre-blurring experience – centred around the rattles of pin sharp percussion, thumping double kicks and short screeching samples that sustain the vibrant energy. The following ‘Gelato Cake‘ is a brighter number, structured by rolling pots n’ pans with stabs of sunny dubwise accents baked in before the record’s final introspective cut, ‘Strains‘. The title track sits perfectly at the end under the guise of deep throbbing sub bass and light other-worldly SFX that offer some final pensive moments, however there’s even a sneaky 4×4 section snuck in to keep the EP’s perpetual energy levels!

Strains‘ EP is a solid start to Foundation Audio‘s year, a year that marks the label’s ten year anniversary. Fittingly, label boss man Chad Dubz doesn’t hold back on his vigorous sound design whilst giving free rein to one of the countries most creative and underrated producers, Kursa. Four tracks of cutting edge bass music of the most potent strain.

Strains‘ EP is out now on Spotify and Beatport. Available everywhere else on 01/03/2023.

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