The Weekly Buzz: DUPLOC BLXCK TXPES 3.0

DUPLOC are back after celebrating their ten year anniversary with a stack of special projects throughout 2022! The leading label continues where it left off with the return of the immense ‘Blxck Txpes‘ series, a compilation project that’s seen some of the heaviest tunes to come out on the imprint. Now on it’s third volume, DUPLOC have made sure to stack this edition with all the grit and darkness as intended for the project, but have pushed the boat out by taking on a whopping eighteen tracks by some of the fiercest producers around – both new and established!

Right off the bat, Mistah gives us the first punch of violent hard-hitting bass design with the decapitating ‘Fatality‘, setting the bar for the fellow established producers to come like ONHELL, REZ, Mikrodot and of course Ternion Sound with their future classic, ‘Up Up VIP‘. After sitting with the album for while, it’s noticeable that two sides of the dubstep coin run through the track list. On one side we have lively teeth-grinding bass slides from the likes of NVRMND, Morning High and the old school flavoured ‘Off Grid‘ by Six Chakra, and on the other side we have the deeper dungeons of Dublink‘s ‘Advanced Darkness’, DIE BY THE SWORD‘s ‘Reactor‘ and Roklem & Sebalo‘s accordingly named ‘Shake The System‘. The German duo aren’t the only ones to rack up another heavyweight collaboration piece either as US pair Substance and Basura hit the ‘extra filth, extra reese’ button on ‘Ne Quittez Pas’, then Dayzero & Saraphim combine for the first time with the dark and melodic ‘Technique‘.

Two tracks that really epitomise the ‘Blxk Txpes‘ ethos however come in the form of Mythm‘s disgustingly dark and mutating ‘Clockwork‘ and Substrada, who simply cannot stop delivering banger after banger with the eerie tones and powerful 808 drives of ‘Piper Of The Swarm‘. Rising talents like Grawinkel and Elidan also contribute their heaviest of hitters with ‘Big Ben‘ and ‘Nar‘ respectively, solidifying themselves as two of the many talented producers that may deliver some more carnage on DUPLOC and beyond throughout 2023.

From the outset, ‘Blxck Txpes‘ was intended to exhibit the darker corners of the genre and to supply DUPLOC with some of the heaviest material to ever feature on the catalogue. Not only does 3.0 achieve this by the bucket load, but the mammoth eighteen track collection also demonstrates how versatile that darker sound can and continues to be.

Blxck Txpes 3.0‘ is out 30/01/2023 and will be available to download here.

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