Tribal Dubs – Angel Dust (DMW019) [HNYBSS Premiere]

There aren’t many labels out there right now who consistently fly the flag for the true archetypal sounds of dubstep like DMWSOUND do. Just shy of twenty releases now, the London label has developed into quite a concept project; as you browse through the back catalogue, it’s like scrolling through an original head’s Itunes library circa 2007 or more accurately, their vinyl crate. However each instalment crucially feels daisy fresh and nothing encapsulates this more than the label’s first compilation project, ‘DMWSOUND Presents: Vol.1‘, an eight track collection featuring some of the genre’s most passionate producers and some of the most underrated. Today I have the pleasure of presenting the compilation’s final cut by Tribal Dubs, with the lively ‘Angel Dust‘.

Label originators Panix and Ranking Dan open proceedings with a track each, both laying the foundations for the convergence of undiluted bass-driven cuts to follow. Possibly one of 2020’s most revered producers, Teffa, steps to the buttons with his contribution, ‘The Chase‘. Already harbouring a sound so authentic and true to the genre’s origins, Teffa strips it right back for some pure sub-driven, percussive focused groove. Bristol’s Inner Echo draws the steppas to the dancefloor with the bouncy sounds of ‘Nuff Dollars‘ and the always impressive Breez pays homage to the dark originators with the rough ‘n (system) ready ‘BrassGas‘. Leeds dubstep duo Tik & Borrow continue their unstoppable hustle with their track, ‘Microbeam‘. With a sound usually so future-focused and extensive, it’s great to hear their take on the origins, focusing of those classic laser-beam melodies and tough, larger than life bass-lines. Considered a trailblazer in his own right thanks to his uniquely funky flavours, Bisweed captures the more dance floor focused side to the sound with ‘Directions‘, featuring a body jerking switch. Welsh producer Tribal Dubs also rouses the dance with his contribution and today’s premiere, ‘Angel Dust‘, a spacious 2-steppy roller to finish this soul filling compilation.

As a collection of refreshingly diverse productions, DMWSOUND has curated a release that’s more than a tribute to the original sounds of dubstep. To take such explicit influence from the roots and keep it fresh is no mean feat, but with the help of eight talented producers with a passion for the sound, including label heads Panix and Ranking Dan, ‘DMWSOUND Present: Vol.1‘ is a wonderful modernised time capsule of sub-driven sound.

DMWSOUND Presents: Vol.1‘ is out 24/03/2021 and available to download from the DMWSOUND Bandcamp.

Check out Tribal Dubs on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out DMWSOUND on Soundcloud and Instagram.