The Weekly Buzz – 04/09/2017

As someone who predominantly listens to music around the 140bpm region, it’s good to sometimes break out of that mould and indulge in other tempos and styles. This week I am doing just that with Danny Scrilla‘s new experimental drum and bass EP ‘Fight Or Flight’ out on AMAR later this week (8th September). The German producer brings a variety of different vibes to the table across four exquisitely crafted tunes. The stand out tune for me has to be ‘Quasar’ particularly for it’s atmospherics created by Scrilla’s beautiful synth work, soothing bass line and his perfect use of vocal samples.

AMAR013EP is available on Friday (8th September) from the AMAR Bandcamp.

Check out Danny Scrilla on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out AMAR on Soundcloud.