The Weekly Buzz – 05/04/2021 [HNYBSS Premiere]

It’s almost scary how much heat Infernal Sounds continues to snap up recently, to the point I’m almost exclusively listening to IFS material throughout the entire week! Their latest digital exclusive sees them go stateside this week by welcoming Chief Kaya to the imprint, an American producer who has been on fire himself with big releases on Foundation Audio and LDH Records. ‘Ma’at‘ EP showcases three courses of unashamedly old school productions built by Tennessee’s finest. So fresh yet so nostalgic, it would do any of the older purists proud as much as the newest! And not only is it this week’s Weekly Buzz, I also have the pleasure of presenting the trio’s closer, ‘Sekhmet‘.

The wubby wagon wheel that is ‘Ma’at‘ EP begins with ‘Hathor‘, the toughest of the three. With Chief Kaya‘s characteristically deep LFO modulations testing the subs, it oscillates in a cold, boundless environment, drawn out by icy synth lines and expansive reverb. Kaya cranks up the energy on the EP’s title track, ‘Ma’at’, with another portion of naughty wobbling low end pressure, embellished by dramatic brass stabs for a little more spice! Then we have today’s premiere, ‘Sekhmet‘, completing the trio. An electrifying combination of deep fluttering wubs, lifted by the crucial sounds of soul filling brass sections and classically delayed FX.

Not for the first time, Chief Kaya hits the sweet spot with ‘Ma’at‘ EP. A short collection of tracks that’re so brazenly old school and nostalgic yet remain 2021 fresh with absolute rewind-ability. It’s the kind of future-classic material that labels like Infernal Sounds simply can’t pass on and neither can you!

IFSDIGI003 is out 09/04/2021 and available to download from the Infernal Sounds Bandcamp.

Check out Chief Kaya on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Infernal Sounds on Soundcloud and Instagram.