The Weekly Buzz – 26/02/2018

Rising from the deepest depths of dystopia, made up of two of the biggest acts in the genre right now in Truth and Youngsta, Shadow People finally bring the goods taking us on a moody 12 track journey through a dark post-apocalyptic landscape. Ever since the first couple of tracks reared their heads around 3 years ago on Youngsta’s Rinse FM show, it’s been long wait for the finished project. Understandable with such a stacked track list, in depth art direction, collaborations with Cimm and Taso, and plenty of vocal features from the likes of Animai, Lelijveld and Spikey Tee. Sonically, you could say the album somewhat feels like a Truth record for the most part, only to be stripped back with a striking minimal twist, a clear influence of Youngsta‘s trailblazing space and bass style.

The album will take pride of place as Deep Dark & Dangerous‘ first full length album release, out this Wednesday (28th February) with four selected tracks available on 12″ here or in full digitally from the DDD Bandcamp.

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