The Weekly Buzz – 10/06/2019

Among the healthy amount of melodic styles and trap infused productions that have become a staple in the genre today (of which I’m clearly a fan of), a certain noise based industrial sound has been bubbling under the surface. It’s minimal, rough and the darkest of dark. The distortions take the place of melodies and the bass pressure is enough to crush your chest. If you’re ‘in the know’ and I were to give you two names who have been pioneering the sound for some time, you’d know exactly the kind of blood curdling sounds I’m describing. Well this week, these two evil producers meet on Gourmet Beats‘ latest instalment. Denver based producers Sectra and Trisicloplox put together a split EP that encapsulates their devastating sound, with enough force to make the ground give way from beneath your feet.

GB022’s leading track ‘Bat Blood’ is a long awaited collaborative dub between the two. Instantly recognisable from the drawn out, doomful guitar, the intro eventually glitches and dives into the sizzling distortions and intense noise that both Sectra and Trisicloplox have become known for. They control the ferocity like riders of a chaotic bull. The percussion, although subtly growing in detail throughout, is kept at a minimum, allowing room for the intense sub frequencies to breathe.
On the flip, the two producers contribute a track each. Trisicloplox brings the energy with ‘Kage Onna‘, a tune that would not only do damage on the dance floor, but completely melt the system thanks to its super deep fluctuating bass line and stomping kicks that adds a techno flavour to the record, keeping things fresh and varied. The final track ‘Scalped‘ operates as a microscope into the twisted mind of Sectra; a true reflection of his gritty industrial style, effortlessly creating larger than life atmospheres through minimal structure and sensory assaulting vibrations. One for the headphone users, throwing oneself into another sinister Sectra dimension.

GB022 couldn’t have come at a better time as I’ve found my interest in this side of the genre growing, particularly after Wolf Camo‘s latest release on Silent Motion who also creates similarly intensified industrial soundscapes with vivid distortions and the lowest of subs. So it’s certainly encouraging to see respected labels such as Gourmet Beats dipping their toes into such a niche yet growing sound where Sectra and Trisicloplox take the lead, down a dark menacing pathway.

GB022 is out this Friday (14th June) and will be available on vinyl and digital from the usual outlets.

Check out Sectra on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Trisicloplox on Soundcloud.
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