First featuring on Honey & Bass earlier this year on my ‘producers to watch‘ list, Nøsq has put together a very special mix for the latest instalment of the Honey & Bass Sessions! Rising out of the dark corners of the Netherlands, Nøsq expresses his eclectic musical tastes. From dark, intense 170bpm rollers to huge industrial, noise slammers plus more familiar territory at 140, the mix never lets up. The track list sees the likes of Wolf Camo, Karnage and Diggerz, tracks from fellow one2six members Stizzla and eater, plus a couple of tunes from the man himself including a wicked collab with Moosiqunt. Not for the faint-hearted!


Entire – Murals (Groundwork Recordings)
Entire – Retrals (Groundwork Recordings)
Torn – Nevermind (Samurai Music)
Torn – Internal (Samurai Music)
Nøsq – Urwald Dämon (DUB)
Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia (Critical:Modulations)
4 6 2 5 – Cassette_A (UVB-76)
Mob Killa – Dark Dawn (TRUSIK)
Cam Lasky – Mortal Samurai (KWAIOTO RECORDS)
Infekt – Can I Trust You (DUB)
Diggerz – Gomme Cogne (DUB)
One2six – Birth of Mendez (feat. Celestis) (DUB)
Karnage – Garrote Vil (DUB)
Moosiqunt & Nøsq – Small Pile of Clay (DUB)
Nøsq – ??? (Forth.)
Stizzla & Nøsq – Train to Rotterdam (DUB)
Møndaigai – Decays (SUBOTAGE RECORDS)
Aboleth & Nøsq – Your Money is Worthless (DUB)
Stizzla & Eater – Kickdown (Forth.)
Bukez Finezt – Duck Trumpet (Sweepa Remix) (DUB)
Wolf Camo – An Angel w/ Bat Wings (Self release)
Támas – Foul (DUB)

Check out Nøsq on Soundcloud.