Oxossi – Dedlocked (HOTPLATES008) [HNYBSS Premiere]

The sonic wizard himself, Oxossi continues to inject magic throughout the veins of the genre with a brand new release and debut on the always impressive Hotplates Recordings! The label has found some down time since it’s last instalment featuring Lord Jabu last year but like always, you can never count them out especially when they’re bringing names like Oxossi to the plate. In regular Hotplates fashion, the LA based producer brings two brand new tracks to vinyl, both as bonkers as you’d expect, which especially goes for the b-side and today’s premiere, ‘Dedlocked‘.

Whether it’s a two track record or an extended five track EP, Oxossi‘s music is always a feast for the ears and HOTPLATES008 is no different. In fact, I’d argue it’s some of the tastiest. Characteristically twisted sampling fills out ‘Cranky‘ and it wouldn’t be an Oxossi banger without a profusion of evil bass tones. You can’t help but pick up on the gnarliest of drum fills until you’re swept off your feet by a rapturous string segment that mutates into an explosion of 8-bit mania, like a crack addicted Pac Man after his next fix. If that somehow doesn’t fulfil your Oxossi addiction, today’s premiere ‘Dedlocked‘ is certain to do the trick. The dramatic sister to the a-side, ‘Dedlocked‘ brings together Oxossi‘s cartoonish elements with a larger cinematic twist. Reminiscent of early Glume & Phossa, stormy horns and rich colourful synth stabs provide much of the drama whilst wacky samples, an off-the-wall melody and intervening chimes populate the expansive space.

I’m not sure I can say much more than I have in the past regarding Oxossi‘s stunning body of work, other than there’s a reason why he’s considered one of the genre’s leading genius minds. I would suggest that HOTPLATES008 is more of the same but that would be doing both the label and producer a disservice. It is indeed more of the same, more of the same madness and more of the same genius, but still so fresh and cutting-edge.

HOTPLATES008 is out 30/04/2022 and will be available on vinyl and to download from the Hotplates Recordings Bandcamp.

Check out Oxossi on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Hotplates Recordings on Soundcloud and Instagram.