Ramsez – Pink Crystals (DDD078) [HNYBSS Premiere]

With barely a pause for breath following NotLö‘s wicked ‘Speakeasy’ EP last month, Deep Dark & Dangerous returns in the only way they know how, by bearing more huge tunes! This time, fresh from one of my favourite EP’s of the year so far on Basskruit, Ramsez is back at it with ‘Little Creep‘ EP, a fresh project stacked with the Dutchman’s creative and overarching bass weight pressure. Today I have the pleasure of presenting one of the four killer tunes, ‘Pink Crystals‘.

Kicking things off, Ramsez introduces us to ‘Little Creep‘, although we quickly find out that this creep ain’t so little. Instantly confronted with aggressive bursts of distortion, the creep drops into a fluctuating bassline of mammoth proportions, it’s an intense roller, heavy and ferocious. Dazzling synths flicker beneath, expanding the mix into rather cinematic territories that renders the tune nothing short of a blockbuster. Today’s premiere, ‘Pink Crystals‘, follows with another outrageous display of Ramsez‘s savage bass designs. However with that said, ‘Pink Crystals‘ rises from the unfettered darkness of ‘Little Creep’ with a little more pizazz around the revving lows. Sample focused, colour breaks through in the form of bendy synth stabs straight from 1980’s electro, subtle electronic bleeps straight from a spacecraft and clever breathy SFX on occasion. It’s back to the sub-zero depths on ‘She Dirty‘, garnering my favourite Ramsez sound; those fucking bass tones man! Similar to ‘Yehh‘ which featured on his equally brilliant EP of the same name a few months ago (BSSKRT006), Ramsez programs another filthy, whirring bassline that’s just so screw-face inducing, there’s a reason why it’s called ‘She Dirty‘ and it isn’t just because of the sample! The moody ‘Lightheaded‘ gives you a final dose and Ramsez nuttiness. The early switch is crazy, just when you think the lows are thick and dense enough, it simply grows thicker. Played out on a towering system, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one does indeed leave you lightheaded!

Like I said, Ramsez‘s bass designs are crazy and easily one of my favourites right now. His sound was perfect in 2018 when he debuted on DDD with ‘Jaywalkin’ and ‘Underground’ but with a natural growth in calibre and to now be considered one of the most impressive producers about, Ramsez is even more perfect for the label in 2021.

‘Little Creep’ EP is out 14/05/2021 and available to download from the Deep Dark & Dangerous Bandcamp.

Check out Ramsez on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Deep Dark & Dangerous on Soundcloud and Instagram.