The Hive – June 2019

June has been one of those months where there’s been so much fire to cover but simply haven’t had the time. Which is what The Hive is all about! Check out some releases I’ve been feeling this month…

Sentry Records Presents: Syndicate

Given the level of quality featured on the imprint and thanks to the keen ear of label founder and 140 pioneer Youngsta, Sentry Records has become the go to label for authentic yet forward thinking dubstep over the last two years. For its tenth release, Sentry Records brought a mammoth 20 track compilation with a super wide range in variety and sound. Not only does this illustrate the label’s acceptance for anything bass driven, but also Youngsta‘s taste that’s clearly evolved over the years, going from pure dark 140 vibes on Khiva‘s ‘Teeth‘ and Truth‘s ‘Simulation Theory‘, to trappier productions from Bukez Finezt and hip-hop inspired breaks from Argo. Not only does ‘Syndicate‘ feature the who’s who of dubstep right now, but also Youngsta himself, finishing the album with a dream team collab featuring Cimm entitled ‘The Last Judgement‘. Other heavyweights throughout the twenty tracks include LSN, Opus, Mr K, Caspa and Onhell. It’s truly a feast for the ears!


Headland – IMRV026

Headland‘s second Innamind EP ‘The Judge‘ finally arrived this month featuring the long awaited title track. The catchy melody lead production had been waiting in the wings for a while, in the meantime teased throughout guest mixes and in the dance. So it comes as no surprise to see it landing on a label of Innamind‘s stature and put together on 12″ plate with two other mighty tunes ‘Camino‘ and ‘The Strays‘. Both constructed with pure weight in mind, the three tracks form a slick sequel to Headland‘s previous heavyweight Innamind classic (IMRV020).


Manta – ENV021

Previously unknown to me, Manta entered my radar with a bang, debuting on the prolific Encrypted Audio. The Bristol based producer brought two very unique tracks to vinyl, both monstrous in their own respect and coordinating perfectly with the slick artwork. Manta utilises curious samples and unusual percussive patterns to form these two heavy, unnerving face-melters.


Cadik – Tatanka (WPR041)

After some brief research upon this latest release on White Peach, Cadik appears to have been on the grind for years. From soul to hip-hop to more wavier bass driven material, the Budapest based producer can do it and do it it well. This month, he spread his wings further as White Peach Records picked up four of his sound-system inspired 140 productions for a 12″ release. From the super atmospheric and unusual ‘Tatanka‘, WPR041 continues with incredibly organic sound palettes including murky sub-bass pressure and eastern cultural twists that at times, develop into something more alien-like.


Pharma – Pressure EP (LOCUS010)

One of my favourite up-comers Pharma came through with not one but two EPs this month with ‘Shinto‘ EP finding a home on Instigate Recordings. However considering my love for the Locus Sound label, I’ve decided to focus on this murky release from the Austrian. On ‘Pressure‘ EP, Pharma expresses his sound to its full extent. The stand out tune for me being ‘Movement‘, an otherworldly tune filled with texture, thumping kicks and intense sub bass pressure. Pharma’s best thus far!


J:Kenzo – IFS015

It had been a long time coming however Infernal Sounds were the right label for the job to host J:Kenzo‘s huge remix of Saule‘s classic ‘Cure Dem‘, a remix that was doing the rounds no less than 2 years ago, tearing up many dances. Paired with the atmospheric and meditative ‘Shijima’s Revenge‘ on the flip, IFS015 is another J:Kenzo masterpiece.


Nosq – Struggle EP

The criminally underrated Nosq put out a solid four track EP on Indigo Movement this month featuring one of my favourites, a collaboration with Stizzla entitled ‘Train To Rotterdam‘. Nosq featured on HNYBSSSSNS not long ago with a serious mix, one of my favourites of the year. Check it out now if you haven’t already.


Cimm – Gobsmack EP

Cimm‘s anthemic ‘Godsmack‘ had been floating about for what felt like forever until Artikal Music picked it up for a fully fleshed out record, matched with two other complimentary tracks ‘Stone Bridge‘ and the weighty ‘Wolf Council‘ for a deserving 12″ release.



I won’t say too much about this one given its exclusivity and somewhat secrecy. But if you know your stuff, you know who’s behind this killer split on 786‘s first limited vinyl release!


OSCO – Snake Charmer / Dizi (DUPLOC028)

Previously unknown to me and yet another talent hailing from Bristol, OSCO debuted on DUPLOC’s label with two digital only tracks including long time dub ‘Snake Charmer‘.


Here’s some free downloads I’ve been feeling this month…

B-Say – Carousel

Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Sleeper Flip)

Parrotice – QFlip

The Maker – The Bootlegs Vol. 1

Don’t forget The Weekly Buzz! We went through a nice range of sounds this month.

First up, Cid Poitier came through with his best release to date on his label Sub:Clef Records, ‘Earth Cry‘ EP. Check it out here.
On a completely different vibe, Sectra and Trisicloplox brought industrial grit to Gourmet Beats with ‘Bat Blood‘, plus a track each on the flip. Find out more about GB022 here.
Gisaza treated us to a rare EP, self released through his Bandcamp entitled ‘Sura‘ EP. Characteristically mystical vibes across the four tracks. Check it out here.
Finally, rising dubstep duo Traces submitted their highest profile releases to date through Belgian label Albion Collective. Two weighty tracks oozing with authenticity. Check ALBION008 out here.

If you’ve missed this month’s premieres, well don’t hang about, listen now…

Shu – MK2 (RARE12) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Teffa – Shell It (OVD004) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Glume – Shriek (SUBALT020) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Big shouts to all the artists and labels who featured on this months edition of The Hive and especially to you for taking the time to check out my recommendations!

– Tom