It’s that time of the month again where I take a look at some of my favourite releases from recent weeks. Here’s what I’ve been feeling in May…

Sleeper – Calling On Spirits / Yonks (CRUCIAL023)

It goes without saying that when it comes to Sleeper, there’s no introduction necessary. The Crucial Recordings mastermind will go down as one of my all time favourites along with the label itself. He brought yet another fire release to the catalogue in the form of two rather different tracks, yet still happen to align perfectly well together. ‘Calling On Spirits‘ had been tearing up dances for a minute so it was super exciting to see this banger land on the label, instantly recognisable from its angry dominating 8-bit lead and harsh bass distortions. On the flip, ‘Yonks‘ brings the vibe down into lighter, more atmospheric areas of Sleeper’s sound. Still with that moody tension, it floats through with smooth bass weight pressure and clean modular synth work.


Alix Perez – Last Rites EP

Alix Perez is another heavyweight producer who needs no introduction. Having garnered notoriety within the drum and bass scene for over a decade now, the 1985 Music resident was welcomed to the 140 landscape with this mammoth EP. ‘Last Rites‘ EP features four deep, unadulterated dubstep tracks with refreshingly clean sound palettes, as you’d expect from such a well rounded producer. He explores classic minimal sounds on the likes of ‘Deep Six‘ and ‘Spooked‘, even going into the deeper, wavy realms on ‘Melodrama‘. However my favourite track ‘Last Rites‘ really does it for me, where Alix cuts in those gritty Shades-eque basslines and the genius sampling of the one and only Wiley adding plenty of character.


Lord Jabu – ALBION007

Up until now Lord Jabu had been dipping in and out with the odd banger, none more impressive than that remix of Eva808‘s ‘Prrr‘. This month his skills on the buttons were finally recognised, picked up by Belgian label Albion Collective. ALBION007 is comprised of three of Lord Jabu‘s finest productions that entails unique and at times, delicate melodies that juxtapose the darker underbelly to his productions. My pick however would have to be the record’s concluding track ‘Yagoda‘ with it’s spine tingling lead and spaced out composition filled by those effective 808 kicks.


Glume – VCF / noSlaughter (HOTPLATES003)

Glume continued his onslaught with yet another killer release on yet another label, this time being Hotplate Recordings. HOTPLATE003 features two more of Glume‘s highly addictive tunes that, as with the majority of his productions, adds energy to any set or listening session. Glume‘s rampage doesn’t stop anytime soon though, with a split EP featuring partner in crime Phossa coming up on Subaltern Records soon!

J.Sparrow – 000000_365 (MEDiLP014)

Nine years in the making since his last LP on Tectonic, J.Sparrow landed his second on Deep Medi this month with ‘000000_365‘. The double LP features six brand new tracks from the veteran, showcasing his sound and where he’s at in 2019 after more than ten years in the game. From the opening track ‘Double Time Skank‘, it’s apparent how he’s refused to settle and made sure to evolve his sound by constructing a range of new sound palettes, some of which are his most abrasive and intense to date.


HØST – Valhalla EP (Unchained Recordings)

Nearly halfway through the year (yes, already), it’s understandably difficult to keep track of all the super talented artists I’ve discovered this year. However with that said, genre blurring producer HØST is one of my stand out discoveries for sure. He’s been very active this year with so many EPs, singles and other contributions that I’ve practically lost track. However his latest effort ‘Vallhalla‘ EP included some of his strongest material to date, none more so than the huge ‘Still OJ‘.


Here’s some more releases I’ve been feeling this month…

Chief Kaya – Classic Edition EP (FA037)

Bristol label Foundation Audio welcomed Tennessee’s very own Chief Kaya with a solid four track EP ‘Classic Edition‘. Running through the majority of the EP, you could easily be mistaken to think you’ve just wondered into DMZ circa 2005 as Chief Kaya quite clearly pays homage to the ‘golden era’ of dubstep.


Clearlight – Forest Micro People EP (C9003)

Belgian producer Clearlight has been putting out some of the deepest, most atmospheric cuts over recent months. This came to further fruition on Code 9 Audio this month with ‘Forest Micro People‘ EP. The record features four ethereal tracks that flow perfectly together, taking you on an other worldly adventure.


Duckem – Spreading Rumors EP (EMB012)

Duckem put out some of his strongest material to date in the form of a five track EP ‘Spreading Rumours‘ on eatmybeat. From the atmospheric opening 85bpm track ‘Loner‘ to a big collab with Mob Killa and Rakjay, the Indigo Movement head honcho pushes his sound further than its ever been before.


207 – Jungle Lizard / DSP (DUPLOC027)

DUPLOC continues to build that solid, regimented catalogue of two track digi releases with very few weak spots. The latest edition came from 207 who brought two tough tunes to the label, both holding serious weight.


7Kidz – Monocracy EP (BASSIN05)

It was an all Belgian affair when new friend to the blog 7Kidz debuted on Bassin Records this month with ‘Monocracy‘ EP. The upcoming producer put out four fresh tracks all of which are of a very high quality considering it being available completely free of charge, so make sure you grab it!


My free download picks this month…

7KIDZ – Trust (HNYBSSFD001)

Vibe Emissions x Grime Theory – Bottle Service

Shades – Two One Six (Slik Vik Flip)

Flowdan – Welcome To London (Xakra Bootleg)

As always, don’t forget The Weekly Buzz! This was certainly the month for upcoming talent.

The USA & UK clashed as MRSHL brought a fierce debut EP featuring veteran MC Grim Sickers. Read more about ‘The Crown‘ EP on Subaltern Records here.
I went for something different the following week by covering DUPLOC‘s superb first instalment of their new mix series ‘Identity Of Dubstep‘. Find out more here.
Rising UK producer Mungk brought his most complete release to date on Dirty Beats Music entitled ‘No Man’s Land’ EP. Check it out here.
Then finally, we were treated to a big debut EP from Scarz courtesy of Cue Line Records. It had a long time coming and certainly didn’t disappoint. Check out ‘Saucer Dub‘ EP here.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the latest Honey & Bass Sessions mix featuring Nosq! He produced a huge 40 minutes of unforgiving bass music. Listen here.

Big shouts to all the artists and labels who featured on this months edition of The Hive and especially to you for taking the time to check out my recommendations!

– Tom