The Honey & Bass Podcast – January 2021

The Honey & Bass Podcast returns and I begin the new year paying special attention to those I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears out for throughout 2021! Every producer on the Producers To Watch In 2021 list features alongside other newcomers looking to breakthrough. But of course, there are some brand new releases in there also from the likes of Distance on Duploc and Biome on Deep Dark & Dangerous. Whether you like it deep and minimal, loud and rowdy or even the more old school sounds, it’s all in there!


11th Hour – Awaken
7Kidz – Seven Dub
WZ – Chord Oasis
Substrada – Eerie Lab
Crowley – Don’t Touch
EKSTR – Seek
Ninety & ODP – Creeper
Saule & Centauri – Tyrant
Pharma – Formula (Tinky Remix)
Oddkut – The Mace
Q100 – Scoville
Biome – Boxed
Whudi – Wise Words
Kairo – In The Beyond
Gnasha – Obidience
ODP – Mufflah
Akashik – Drillaz
Karnage – Off Kilter
Distance – 808 Snake
Ninety – Movement
Sedan – ARP
Hebbe – Jah Seen Rastafari Dub
ESP & Schim92 – Untitled
Shim92 – Dwang
Yoofee – Plot Twist
Proove – Passerby Unknown
Beatsforbeaches – Whoo
Kami-O – Seven
WZ – Mr Greenstick (Ninety Remix)
Crowley – Wanted

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