The Honey & Bass Showcase – January 2022

Offering a more accurate description of the content involved, The Honey & Bass Podcast is now The Honey & Bass Showcase! With a rename and a rebrand, enjoy an hour of my recent favourites and a focus on the talent involved in this years Producers To Watch selections! Featuring new music from legends like Distance, Mesck and J:Kenzo plus those on the come up such as Darkai, Basura and Jamzigg!


Slang Dogs x MYTHM – sKeleton Dance
Distance – Untouchable VIP
Dalek One – Who’s Man Are You?
Mesck – Void Mechanics
Jamzigg – ROLL SAFE
Basura – Examination
Darkai – Misty
Widow – Dark Selecta
SEEK x SerpentEyes – Destructive Nature
J:Kenzo – Astral Traveller
Wheelton – Champion Challenger (No Remorse Remix)
Basura – Repeat
Substrada – Brocky (Schim Remix)
Head Space – F_ck The Beat Up
Kusmo – Om
Datra – Tropisch & Pyramide
ØZ – Honeycomb
Leo Cap – Goliath
Gulivr Ft. Imogen – Break Gen
Fracture & ONHELL – Vandals
Mungk – Sanskrit
Kusmo x Substrada – Wump
Jamzigg – RUDEBOY
Basura – Down The Tunnel
Fizzy – Rum Dub
Verum – Risk Over It
Qwirk – Oppress (S3 Dubs Remix)
Darkai – Immortal
Misfit – Bone Eater
Quoma – Operation
Sentient – Crush
Nahlith – ???
Krook – Dust

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you make music like this, I wanna hear it! Send your music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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