The Honey & Bass Showcase – January 2023

The Honey & Bass Showcase returns for 2023!

This one is focused heavily on those that featured on my ‘To Watch’ list from earlier this month alongside some other rising names I’m looking forward to hearing more from this year! There’s also a couple of favourites from the new Infernal Sounds compilation, ‘Future Forms‘ and DUPLOC‘s ‘Blxck Txpes 3.0‘.

Things get a little lively so buckle up!


Sentient & Nightlife – Downcast
Dublink – Advanced Darkness
Torcha – Chokehold
Seek – Anarchy
Delta – Chedz VIP
Blocklab – Fatal
Whitebash – Kings Arms
Torcha – Haunted
7Kidz – Dirty Job
Mystic State & Substrada – Tusk
Jamzigg – Lickwood
Roklem & Sebalo – Shake The System
Wolf’d – Flood Dub
ROI OS & Ourman – Paris Underground
Akashik – Kalinga
Basura & Seek – Don’t Destroy It
Ternion Sound – Trouble (Morning High Remix)
Delta – Force One
Wolf’d – Watch Your Step
Basura – Nose Numb
Akashik – No Ambition
Lita Lotus – Render
Kyber – Onslaught VIP
Sectra – Desiccation
Soukah – Ey!
ROI OS – Nosferatu
Morning High – Glib
Magoh – Isolated Dub
Jamzigg – Underworld
Dusty – Jinx
Kercha – New World
Isded – Know It

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you make music like this, I wanna hear it! Send your music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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